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August 6, 2018
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Hurricane Damage

As we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, Floridians must now gear up for Hurricane season.  Although, Floridians are familiar with Hurricane preparations, policyholders must still be vigilant in getting their property prepared for what some meteorologists expect to be an active 2020 Hurricane season.  

It is important to make a list of typical items needed during a storm (such as water, batteries, flashlights) and make sure to purchase those items now. Hurricane season begins June 1, 2020, in less than one month, and Floridians should not wait to purchase the necessary supplies. As we have seen during the Covid-19 pandemic, supplies can quickly become scarce, so it is important you ensure you have all items necessary to make it through the storm.  Also, be sure to locate your insurance policy, make sure it sufficiently covers your property and place your policy in a secure location should the need arises to file a claim.  

After a storm, if you should sustain roof damage, water damage or damage to your personal property, it is important to promptly report these losses to your insurance company.  Delays in reporting your claim may lead to a denial of your claim, or the inability of your insurance company to quickly adjust your loss and issue payment for repairs.  

If you have questions about Hurricane preparations, your policy or need assistance with filing a claim, contact an experienced Hurricane Damage attorney.  At HIGGS LAW, P.A. we have more than 20 years of experience and have assisted thousands of homeowners and businesses in recovering money for losses due to Hurricanes.  

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